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A new Lovable website and more

A new face for Lovable, and new features for GPT Engineer.

A new Lovable website and more

A new Lovable

We’ve just upgraded our website, including adding this blog. Expect to hear more from the team on upcoming features, deep dives, and behind the scenes sneak peeks.

Redesigned Task Interface

We’ve revamped the way we show cards to unify progress indicators and edit options into a single task card. This new design simplifies tracking your ongoing tasks.

New task cards in GPT Engineer.

Stop Button Added

You can now halt any active task running in the background by clicking the stop button located in the input area. This feature aims to reduce stress when you need to stop an agent that is off track or using an approach you disagree with.

Stop button in GPT Engineer.

Shadcn as the Default UI Component Library

Shadcn is now the default design system for new projects. However, if you prefer the look and feel of Chakra UI, you can still select it through the advanced settings.

Shadcn/UI support in GPT Engineer.

Let us know what you think

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