Our product

Is software that builds software

We have built the first version: GPT Engineer.

It has gotten love from our users.

What and how

We are creating a system of autonomous software engineers, powered by Large Multimodal Models, that allow non-technical people to create, deploy and iterate on any software product until it is lovable.

We believe that to make this effort worthwhile two ingredients must be: passion for stellar UX and clever algorithms on top of LLMs. Specifically:

  • UX: Using our product should be like a conversation with a superhuman software engineer. You describe what you want and requested changes are implemented.
  • Algorithms: LLMs + tree-search, self-debugging, an opinionated tech-stack that enables systems of LMMs (Large Multimodal Models) to have access to the best developer tools, semi-synthetic data for fine-tuning LLMs, data-driven "flow-engineering".

If this makes you excited, Lovable might be the right place for you.