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Integrate your custom backend with GPT Engineer

GPT Engineer now supports OpenAPI specification backends.

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You can now use GPT Engineer to build a frontend that will work with an existing backend services, by specifying your API’s OpenAPI specification URL in the project settings. Once you do this, GPT Engineer will become aware of your backend’s capabilities and take this into consideration when iterating on the frontend.

To enable, consult our Backend Integration Documentation.

Specify an OpenAPI backend specification for GPT Engineer.

Expanded support to new Tech Stacks

Have you ever wanted to create a project using Tailwind? We’ve now introduced support for additional tech-stacks beyond React + Chakra UI, including:

  • Tailwind with React
  • Simple HTML
  • Tailwind & Daisy UI

Choose your stack in the Advanced Settings before initiating a new project generation.

Choose your tech stack with GPT Engineer.

New foundation model integration

Accelerate your project builds with our new integration of the Claude 3 Haiku model — expect gains in speed and efficiency.

New foundation model integration in GPT Engineer.

Contacting us

We’re always happy to hear any feedback you have. To reach us, you can:


  • Added a custom 404 page for instances where a project is not found.
  • Added more troublehoot tips to the modal shown for improve errors.


Kristian Ruiz Kyvik